The Miracle of Plant Consciousness

Those truly passionate about the living world spend their lives seeking new ways to bridge the gap between our everyday lives and the numinous world of plants and trees. Few have done this more exquisitely than Pam Montgomery. For years now I have been seeking to understand the relationship between plants and people,’ explains Pam a plant spirit healing author, practitioner and teacher. ‘How we are hard-wired in our connection with them. Ever since my Grandmother told me that ‘plants need friends too’, I have been striving to understand how to communicate and be in co-creative partnership with plants and trees. I have discovered that we are very symbiotically related to plants and once we understand the common language between plants and people our relationship can go very deep.

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Life-Changing Conversations With Trees

‘Our relationship with trees is such a rich resource. Listening to trees can infuse our thinking with new approaches to world problems and our personal problems,’ explains Canadian art therapist and Waldorf teacher, Elyse Pomeranz, whose father was a world-renowned scientist, her mother a gifted visual artist. Though raised in a strict academic environment, working with trees Elyse has come to realise art, science and religion aren’t meant to be separate, that art (beauty), science (truth), and religious/spiritual feeling (love) are one.

‘In a London workshop I led in England recently, a participant, who teaches adults, described a very difficult, untenable situation in one of her classes. She went to her tree a trusted companion who she’s visited regularly for years. She was so distressed at the time she thought of quitting her job, to escape the torturous encounters, or else  ask this student to leave the class. Both ‘solutions’ left her feeling awful and full of unresolved emotion.’ Then she felt the tree radiating towards her a love and acceptance she was then able to experience towards herself and her student. Continue reading

Developing Fairy Relationships

Fairies appear in our lives in a multitude of ways. ‘Many traditional cultures have sensed the presence of spirits in nature,’ tells British healer and researcher David Furlong. ‘Japan’s Shinto religion specifically worships the spirits of place, the Kami, which reside in rocks and caves. The beings inhabiting these realms are just as conscious as you and I, though they have a different way of connecting to the physical world.’

‘If you so wish, can build a complete trust with beings from these realms you will find that specific elemental spirits will come and work with you and be with you for the rest of your life. Continue reading

A Summer That Changed Everything

In 1985 Tanis Helliwell rented a cottage in Ireland hoping for a retreat as she was experiencing a lot of shifts in her personal life. What Tanis hadn’t reckoned on was finding the cottage already inhabited by a little man and woman and their two children, who briskly informed her they had lived here for hundreds of years. They went on to say they were willing to share the cottage as long as she observed their rules, while warning her of less-than-friendly elementals down the lane.

So began a profound relationship with a leprechaun, which taught Tanis much about herself and about this extraordinary otherworld we impact daily. Tanis came to see firsthand how elementals help flower, trees and mountains grow. How elementals help maintain the health and wellbeing of our bodies. She started to see how when humans believe in fairies they speed up fairy evolution and assist them in their work. And how by expressing gratitude for the work fairies do, how humans are in turn’ fertilised and catalysed’ by a fairy’s presence.

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Working With Weather Spirits And Elements

‘Even as a very small child I had a connection to the weather. I loved being outdoors. I’ve always felt safe and protected there, and need to be in Nature at least part of every day, even if only for ten minutes. This helps me unwind, feel cleansed and balanced. I’ve never felt afraid if I was alone in the woods as I feel a presence there, walking with me,  protecting me. Until recently I did not consciously name this presence, but now know it is the fairies, the spirits of the plants, trees, rocks, waters, animals, and Nature spirits,’ Canadian meteorologist of 25 years Paul Gregory tells. ‘These spirits are happy and joyful when humans feel, acknowledge, respect, honour and walk with them. Their’s is a very healing feeling.’

As Paul’s relationship with Nature developed, the weather seemed to speak to him deep in his soul. ‘The weather’s always right there in front of me. I can feel and sense changes in the winds, see the changes in clouds, their colours and movements, their humidity levels, and the behaviour of the seagulls who move about 5 miles inland 6 to 12 hours before strong winds, pounding surf, and heavy precipitation. I’ve observed this on both the west coast of Canada where I grew up, and here on Canada’s east coast where I now live.

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The Sacred Gifts of the Yew

It’s only now we’re beginning to recapture ancient understandings around the wisdom and healing of trees. ‘I was led into the yew mystery almost 25 years ago by a solitary and ancient female yew tree in Scotland that renewed my dying body, and gave me the living template of a spiritual teaching I have named as the Yew Mysteries,’ tells Scottish shaman Michael Dunning.

‘The yew reunites us with the consciousness and sensory language of our origin in Spirit where we can be ‘touched by eternity’ and through that realize unlimited possibilities for transformation and healing.’

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Aching To See Fairies?

When we ache to see fairies we’re aching for the numinous. Aching to move out of our  sense of separation. To come home. To feel peaceful and expansive. To be at one with all living things. So how to make a conscious connection with fairies, or have you made it already without even realising it? Have you inadvertently tiptoed around the fringes of the healing world of fairies?

Every time your soul soars to see a sunset, a snowflake, a drop of dew. Every time your heart dances to stare up at the milky way. Every time you’re moved to see a tiny plant struggle through the crack in a pavement. To see the beauty in a rock or stone or tree, you’re nudged out of your everyday reality. Your vibrations are raised and for an instant you’re  in that transcendent space where you so long to be. You touch for an instant that heightened space where fairies live. The place of all possibilities.

Here’s the miracle. Something I’ve recently learned.

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The Secret of Rocks and Stones

As we delve deeper into the world of fairies, we come to appreciate what fairies and their over-lighting devas have always known – how astonishingly intricate our world is, that in essence we’re living in a sea or miracles. Some time ago I met druid Ivan McBeth, who until he passed away last month, devoted his time to building standing stones, some of which are up to twenty tonnes in weight. Ivan describes standing stones as ancient technology, designed to create a profoundly sacred space.


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Adventures with the Faeries

As the fairy kingdom is a realm of all possibilities, what can we learn from this world of enchantments? How do our encounters with fairies help us experience life in new ways? What do these encounters teach us about time and space? Should you or I be blessed to meet a fairy, why would we not  share this moment with others of like mind, with our precious children? Why wouldn’t we infuse their lives with delight? Who would have thought that an Uncle relating his fairy experiences would awaken a world of undreamt-of possibilities in his great-neice, as Canadian deb svanefelt tells. 

I guess you could say my adventures first began when I was a child, visiting with my Danish great-uncle Chris in Toronto, Canada.  Each time we visited, he’d tell us about how, as a young boy growing up in Denmark, he’d fallen asleep one day on a mossy pillow near the edge of a forest … and had awakened to the Little People making him small, so he could go with them, right into their tree for a lovely cuppa tea.

Totally entranced, we begged him to see the wee cup and saucer he’d been given by them, but he could never find it to show us. My mother also told us how she’d been on a Toronto streetcar as a young girl, and had seen a faerie on a small, round-topped bridge, in the middle of a small park in downtown Toronto. These stories deeply nourished my world of possibilities, as did my reading of fantasy books once I became a pre-teen. Continue reading

Soil Magicians, Super Kingdoms and More

Wherever mushrooms are, fairies aren’t far away, playing and dancing and weaving their own special kind of magic. But why are our tiny caretakers of creation drawn to work with mushrooms?  What are they working with here?

Mushrooms are the fruits of mycelium an astonishing mass of cells, which are essential to the health and healing of the planet. It’s no surprise that scientists now suggest mushrooms hold powerful answers to some of humankind’s most acute environmental problems.