Timely Wisdom From Findhorn’s Dorothy Maclean

Scotland’s spiritual community Findhorn became a huge international success decades back, inspiring so many people across the planet, yet few appreciate the immense ongoing work needed to make it so. This remarkable community was born almost sixty years ago in the most unlikely circumstances – in a caravan park on a dry, windswept part of Scotland – when founders Peter and Eileen Caddy, and Dorothy Maclean found themselves out of work.

Living in a caravan and annex, and short on funds, they looked at ways to make ends meet, deciding to plant a vegetable garden. To her great surprise Dorothy found herself communicating with a garden pea, one of her most beloved plants. Dorothy’s love became the powerful bridge to a huge amount of wisdom as she tells in her classic, To Hear The Angels Sing.

The first message to come Dorothy’s way was to feel into the wind, into its essence and be at one with this essence, teaching us that connection with the nature realm is about ‘feeling into’ the web of life gently, respectfully, with an open heart and mind. Through Dorothy’s ability to listen, Findhorn’s garden went on to produce the seemingly impossible – forty pound cabbages and roses that bloomed in the snow.

Later she would teach that nothing is inanimate – that everything in our material universe is alive. In today’s terms we’d see this as the dance of atoms in the quantum field. She explained, for example, how when travelling by plane while teaching across the planet, she’d tune into the deva of the plane and thank it for its tireless work transporting people safely across the planet. When she landed in a different city she’d contact the deva there, asking she be of help here.

Dorothy challenges us in this moment with an earlier observation that ‘what we think is evil has some good in it.’ In these uncertain times we’re being given a massive opportunity to become still and to feel into the nature of things, and ask what’s required of us moving forward? How can we be of service to the planet? Amid the fears of the virus miracles there’s a ‘newness’ emerging – skies and waterways clearing for the first time in years, birds appearing. Surely this is a call for us quietly and powerfully to enter into a new relationship with ourselves and the web of life. Dorothy, who died a few days back, aged 100 also said, ‘Accept what you are give it time to blossom.’ What better time to do so than when in self-isolation.

Thank you Dorothy and may all you have given out return to you a thousandfold. Her books also include:

  • Wisdoms (1971)
  • The Living Silence (1977)
  • The Soul of Canada (1977)
  • To Honour the Earth (1991) (with Kathleen Thormod Carr)
  • Choice of Love (1998)
  • Seeds of Inspiration (2004)
  • Call of the Trees (2006)
  • Come Closer (2007)
  • Memoirs of an Ordinary Mystic (2010)

New Zealand’s Fairy Folk – The Legendary Patupaiarehe

During Toni-maree Rowe’s research into Auckland’s volcanoes she found an intriguing Maori account of how the volcanoes came into being.  The story told of the Patupaiarehe, but who or what were the Patupaiarehe? 

‘In Maori tradition the Patupaiarehe (also sometimes referred to as turehu or pakepakeha) were the first people of New Zealand – the first Tangata Whenua,’ Rowe tells. ‘They are supernatural beings who are rarely seen, fairy creatures of the deep forests and mountains, their houses built from the swirling mists.’

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Nature Helps With Tech Fatigue

Guess what? With all the time we’re spending on our devices our brains are getting tired, leading to brain fog, anxiety, depression and more. It’s impossible to concentrate when your brain is scrambled. A recent study looking at how to deal with brain fog came up with some intriguing results.

In this study people were given computer work that needed them to really focus. They were then split into two groups. One group then glimpsed a concrete roof. The second group looked out a rooftop meadow. When the results were analysed the latter group was found to make fewer errors and to work more consistently on their allotted task. The most astonishing finding was all it took was a forty second glimpse at nature to calm and reset the brain.


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The Man Who Wrote Fairy Stories

Like many returning from the Great War, Massachusetts-born Henry Beston struggled with his demons. Wanting to rid himself of the horrors he’d witnessed serving in the volunteer ambulance corps, he began writing fairy stories. Previously Beston had taught at the University of Lyon, then at Harvard as assistant professor of English.

Beston’s senses began to awake to the healing force of Nature, after spending extended periods with the Navajo people of New Mexico, making friends with many, including an elderly medicine man Hastiin Klah. Then Beston was commissioned to write an article on the Coast Guard at Cape Cod. Visiting there, the spirit of the place spoke to him. Continue reading

Devas And Drug Regimes

A little while ago I sat with a girlfriend who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. She was in a quandary. She wanted desperately to live. She also wanted to take the natural healing route but, for whatever reason it wasn’t working. Her loving female oncologist was pleading with her to take the chemotherapy.

What, my friend asked, am I to do? As I gazed back at her my heart sank. What right did I have to give her advice? It was her soul journey. Then in a moment of clarity, I was told that despite the complex issues surrounding drug companies, those who work to bring new healing possibilities to the world only do so with the help of the devas. Continue reading

A New Partnership With The Fairies

When pondering the lives of fairies or Sidhe the question arises. How did we and these otherworldly figures come to be here on earth? Writer, publisher and visionary artist Jeremy Berg suggests that in the mists of time Gaia invited humans and the Sidhe (pronounced shee) to be caretakers of earth. ‘At that time humankind came more fully into matter, while the Sidhe less so.’

Subsequently a devastating parting occurred between humans and the Sidhe. ‘A certain amount of magic was stored away with the Sidhe,’ Jeremy explains, ‘while we humans retained certain ways of working with matter. How much could we achieve if we were to put these capacities back together, to reawaken the magic in the whole of humanity?’ he muses.

Jeremy Berg, Card Deck of the Sidhe

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The Miracle of Plant Consciousness

Those truly passionate about the living world spend their lives seeking new ways to bridge the gap between our everyday lives and the numinous world of plants and trees. Few have done this more exquisitely than Pam Montgomery. For years now I have been seeking to understand the relationship between plants and people,’ explains Pam a plant spirit healing author, practitioner and teacher. ‘How we are hard-wired in our connection with them. Ever since my Grandmother told me that ‘plants need friends too’, I have been striving to understand how to communicate and be in co-creative partnership with plants and trees. I have discovered that we are very symbiotically related to plants and once we understand the common language between plants and people our relationship can go very deep.

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Life-Changing Conversations With Trees

‘Our relationship with trees is such a rich resource. Listening to trees can infuse our thinking with new approaches to world problems and our personal problems,’ explains Canadian art therapist and Waldorf teacher, Elyse Pomeranz, whose father was a world-renowned scientist, her mother a gifted visual artist. Though raised in a strict academic environment, working with trees Elyse has come to realise art, science and religion aren’t meant to be separate, that art (beauty), science (truth), and religious/spiritual feeling (love) are one.

‘In a London workshop I led in England recently, a participant, who teaches adults, described a very difficult, untenable situation in one of her classes. She went to her tree a trusted companion who she’s visited regularly for years. She was so distressed at the time she thought of quitting her job, to escape the torturous encounters, or else  ask this student to leave the class. Both ‘solutions’ left her feeling awful and full of unresolved emotion.’ Then she felt the tree radiating towards her a love and acceptance she was then able to experience towards herself and her student. Continue reading

Developing Fairy Relationships

Fairies appear in our lives in a multitude of ways. ‘Many traditional cultures have sensed the presence of spirits in nature,’ tells British healer and researcher David Furlong. ‘Japan’s Shinto religion specifically worships the spirits of place, the Kami, which reside in rocks and caves. The beings inhabiting these realms are just as conscious as you and I, though they have a different way of connecting to the physical world.’

‘If you so wish, can build a complete trust with beings from these realms you will find that specific elemental spirits will come and work with you and be with you for the rest of your life. Continue reading